"Lord, I have heard you calling. Send me."

  • When people pray for vocations they are often hoping that someone else will answer the call. What about you? Have you considered that you may have a vocation to the diocesan priesthood?
  • Is prayer and worship an important and regular part of your life?
  • Would you like to express your love of God through a life of service to His people?
  • Have you found yourself thinking of becoming a priest?

If you can answer “YES” to these questions then why not explore further? Speak to your parish priest or contact the vocations director for the Diocese of Motherwell.

Rev Charles Dornan,
St Stephen’s R.C. Church,
Paddock Street, Sikeside, Coatbridge, ML5 4PG.
Tel: 01236 420585

Please visit the website of Priests for Scotland at

You can also support vocations by:

  • Praying for priest and seminarians.
  • Encouraging people to consider the priesthood or religious life.
  • Talking to your own children/family about vocations.
  • Forming a group in your parish to promote and support vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Prayer for Vocations

Lord, make me a better person
more considerate towards others,
more honest with myself,
more faithful to you.

Help me find my true vocation in life
and grant that through it I
may find happiness myself and bring
happiness to others.

Grant, Lord that those whom you
call to enter the priesthood or the religious life
may have the generosity to answer your call,
so that those who need your help
may always find it.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.


O loving God, who called your servant Aidan from the peace of a cloister to re-establish the Christian mission in northern England, and gave him the gifts of gentleness, simplicity, and strength: Grant that we, following his example, may use what you have given us for the relief of human need, and may persevere in commending the saving Gospel of our Redeemer Jesus Christ; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

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